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Snyder Pick Calley Voted For 22% Surcharge On Business Tax

August 25, 2010

This is a disturbing pick for someone who claims that the MBT is one of the worse taxes. Calley helped co-sponsor the MBT.

Calley was one of the bipartisan authors of the Michigan Business Tax that Snyder says is one the worst state corporate taxes in America. Link

I’m disappointed at this pick from Snyder. I understand Calley has reached across the aisle. Yes he has been a solution to ‘ending the bickering’.

He also voted with a handful of Republicans to add another tax to it.

A subsequent bill to tack on a 22-percent surcharge to help balance the 2008 budget was approved in December. Calley was among a handful of Republicans to vote for that measure. Link

But sometimes a little bickering might be necessary. If there had been more bickering, we might not have the MBT and we might have more jobs in Michigan.

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