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86 Day Pray For Michigan – An Outline For Prayer – Using The “Lord’s Prayer”

August 30, 2010

Starting August 30, 2010, I’m asking all those who believe in the power of God and prayer, to please join us in praying for Michigan.  This period will last 86 days and conclude on Thanksgiving.  People who may not believe in God and prayer are more than welcome on Michigan Conservatives Network, please don’t let this scare you away.

I’m going to offer this outline for prayer so we have some direction.  Each day will have a focus.  We’ll be using the prayer Jesus instructed his disciples to pray in Matthew 6:5-15 as a guideline for prayer.

Monday – Pray for your neighbors.  This includes anyone you live near or interact with on a daily basis.
Tuesday – Pray for local government, township, city, school board, courts.  The most local of government.
Wednesday – Pray for the county level government leadership and courts.
Thursday – Pray for state level government.  Governor, state senate, state representatives, courts and all working at the state level of government.
Friday – Pray for national   level government.  President, congress, courts and our diplomats overseas.
Saturday – Pray for world governments.  World leaders. Court systems abroad.
Sunday – Pray for churches and non-profit organizations, both local, state, national and world level.

Here are  guidelines for how to pray based on instructions for prayer from Jesus in Matthew 6: 6-15

1. Pray that God in heaven would be recognized by those people you are praying over. (Verse 9)

2. Pray that God’s name would be hallowed/honored by those you are praying over.  (Verse 9)

3. Pray that God’s kingdom would come and His will would be done by those you are praying over. (Verse 10)

4. Pray that the people you’re praying over would recognize God as the meeter of their daily needs.  (Verse 11)

5. Pray that people you’re praying over would seek forgiveness from God and that they’d live in forgiveness toward those they relate to.  Pray for forgiveness in their relationships.  (Verse 12, 14,15)

6. Ask God to lead those who you’re praying for out of temptation and evil and in to paths of righteousness.  (Verse 13)

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  1. Joanne Sands permalink

    Thank You so much for sharing this with me, I am happy to pass it on!

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