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Recall Rick Snyder Campaigns Already Developing – Fire Rick Snyder?

February 26, 2011

Snyder has barely served two months as governor of Michigan and there is already a developing “Recall Rick Snyder” campaign.  I found the below on Facebook by simply searching for those terms.

The page with the most members (here) is actually linked to a website (  Their fan page says…

In 6 months we can start a recall campain, Facebook will be a great starting point.
The upcoming website will be additional info but give me some time to get it running.

He hasn’t done anything yet and they’re already planning a recall.  Shouldn’t we at least give him a chance?

Another Facebook page (here) is linked to the website (  Their website actually has some development.  They’re upset over the cuts to movie credits.  Here is the text from their page.

Rick Snyder has violated the trust he built during his campaign. The film incentive program is the most glaring example of him saying one thing during his campaign, then doing the opposite.

Listen we can tell these people aren’t operating from an epicenter of sincerity.  You should only do a recall after an elected official has done something terribly wrong.  Snyder hasn’t done much yet, so a recall is a totally bogus political charade at this point.

  1. David Rios permalink

    Recall or just kick him out by way of a court order, Fire him now befor we do not have a Michigan we grew up in will just be gone. He will put his goon in your city fire all public workers and your city mayor and the intire bord and you will have no say in the matter. He wants to be the states disider or more like a dictator. STOP Rick Snyder NOW befor it is to late!!!!!!!!

    • Eric permalink

      We had movie tax credits when we were growing up? That’s news to me.

      • djpostl permalink

        Well, that depends on what tax bracket you are in but after today if you a senior or low-income family then the answer to your question is yes

    • Steven permalink

      Learn to SPELL

    • Strobble permalink

      Are we going to be able to get rid of this guy and roll back the retirement taxes? I need to know because if we can’t I am stopping payment on my mortgage August 1st and will not pay my house taxes in September and will gone by Feb 2012, will be heading to Florida and then to Ecuador. Between what he wants to tax, my city taxes, my real estate taxes, my house payment and utilities and my insurances I will save 15,000 a year and I can live in Ecuador real comfortable for $900 a month. If there is a chance that he will be recalled I may decide to stay. I have three weeks to make my decision before I decide to stop paying my mortgage.

  2. Mokka permalink

    I am “operating from an epicenter of sincerity”. I work in the Michigan Film Industry – an industry that has generate over $1 billion since the inception of the Film Tax Incentive, has created more than 6,700 jobs, was responsible for over 100,000 hotel nights in 2010 alone and has positively impacted vendors including security services, transport services, dry cleaners, grocers and countless others.
    Minimally – it has allowed me to feed my family and keep a roof over our heads.
    If we wait for a budget vote our industry will have to start from square one, again. We will have lost the momentum that took us from a $20 million industry (2008) to a $250+million industry in 2 years. So yes, people are serious and we ask for your support in asking the Governor to either refute the findings of the recent Ernst& Young report or to reinstate the existing film tax incentive. Thank you.

    • bigoranged permalink

      You want to recall him over some budget cuts? That’s not what recalls are meant for. Recalling on this stuff is like impeaching someone because they had sex then lied about it. It’s just political crud.

      • MCV permalink

        If you think that all we’re upset about is budget cuts, you need to get informed. The budget is the least of our worries.

      • Anonymous permalink

        You need to study your history. This is a despot.

      • UnkieAl permalink

        Not over budget cuts but over tax increases!! He wants to cut taxes paid by business and raise taxes on old folks pensions!! He’s a untrustworthy businessman that when running for Gov. never let on to what he really is, a union hating, working class snubbing, this will work because I say so, conceded turd, I mean nerd, who only likes other business people!! Well excuse me for not owning my own company!! The ONLY way to make jobs in Michigan is to STOP MAKING EVERTHING IN CHINA!!!!! STOP BUYING THINGS FROM CHINA! STOP POISONING OUR KIDS WITH TOXIC TOYS FROM CHINA!! New state motto: “Sell it here! Make it here!”

  3. BossyK permalink

    He “hasn’t done much”? Are you kidding? He’s given himself the power to dismiss elected officials. I’d say that’s quite enough. RECALL.

    • bigoranged permalink

      You guys are about as bad as birthers and truthers. You started the recalls before he even did anything. You should start recalls only AFTER an evil has been done, not before.
      By planning it for before a thing was done, it shows you’re just peeved he won the election. Get over it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Oh yes! Lets let the damage to the poor the elderly happen before we do anything. He has told us all the harm he has in store for low income seniors and the working class. That’s enough. Stop the harm before it happens!

      • UnkieAl permalink

        Pay attention Bigoranged! The Gov. has purposed so many bad things he wants to shove onto us that its not too early to recall him. If you know that a guy is going to rape your wife is it too early to stop him before he does it!!

    • Eric permalink

      The governor of Arizona has the power to kill people via the death penalty! Panic!

      Oh wait, you actually have to commit heinous crimes before it’s considered. He can’t just do it willy nilly. Same with this bill.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Syder is a fascist. Case closed.

  4. Dave permalink

    Rick Snyder is dealing a blow to our still recovering economy with his actions against the film industry. He plans to introduce 1.7 billion dollars in new taxes for LOW INCOME workers and SENIORS, while giving 1.8 billion dollars in tax breaks to corporations. I wouldn’t mind shouldering higher taxes to in order to fill our budget gap but I do not work 40 hours a week for corporate executives to line their pockets with my hard earned money. He also has plans to give his administration emergency power to dismiss locally elected officials. THAT is a blatant attack on our Republic, THAT is an attack on my rights and freedom as an American, and THAT alone is enough to instill within people the righteous fury to remove him from office.

    • bigoranged permalink

      That’s the consequences of losing an election. Your side lost something you liked. It happens to our side when we lose. Get motivated for the next election. Enough of all this sore loser crap where you go to recall/impeach someone you don’t like right after they get elected.

      • MCV permalink

        If this is all borne of “sore loser” mentality, then why are the people I know who voted for him turning into the loudest voices I’m hearing in the recall campaign? This has nothing to do with winners and losers. It has everything to do with this man abusing the power he’s been given and standing up for ourselves before he gives himself and big corporations the power to dissolve local government.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Never has any politician on either side tried to revoke our right to vote. Rick Snyder is assuming he has the authority to do this. It doesn’t matter if you voted for a mayor, councilperson, school board trustee, etc, if Rick doesn’t think that an organization (an elected organization) is making a profit then he has the right to revoke your vote and dissolve that form of government to appoint someone (or a corporation board) of his choosing. Where are our rights as citizens then? That isn’t democracy, that is oligarchy. Look it up.
        And you’re argument against all of this is to not to be sore losers? Grow up, open your eyes, your rights as a citizen are being stripped and you want to play party politics? You need to read more.

      • bigoranged permalink

        Funny you all never got this upset over Obama’s unelected czars who make policy without the voters consent. Sorry but you’re all just sore losers. You know it. I know it. America knows it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The people that the democrats have been putting in office in this state have run it in the ground, why don’t you give the Republicans a chance to fix it? If they screw it up, then you can bitch…but until then, shut your mouth and let him work like he was elected to do. Work is something that you union workers and welfare bums that complain about Snyder may not understand.

      • mark permalink

        When pensions to politicians are the same as the public, not 6 years and good for life, I’ll give him a chance. Why is the law for the rich and politicians always different than the working class.

      • Chantron permalink

        Your cowardice as an “anonymous” voice is disgusting.
        Wouldn’t it be so easy for you to justify your comments with a broad and general stereotype such as ” you union workers and welfare bums”? Such assumptions and generalizations paint you as such a fool. Luckily the most outrageous voices are overlooked when the opinions they express are done with such fallacy and ignorance.

        Union workers…ah yes, those lazy bums…those fat cats….they just seem downright lethargic when compared to high power CEO’s, don’t they? Chuckle.

      • bigoranged permalink

        Anonymous? I have my phone number right in the contact section. Call me if you wanna talk about it.

      • Anonymous permalink

        John Engler ran this state into the ground. You must be too young to remember!

      • uhh, no! Get rick out now.

  5. garygohsman permalink

    stop rick snyder and gop and there corp bosses

    • bigoranged permalink

      Win the next election. You’re about as bad as the folks on my side who started calling Obama some kinda dictator just because him and his party passed laws we didn’t like. Hey we lost an election. That’s what happens when you lose. Deal with it!

      • Anonymous permalink

        In your case, you’ll die with it.

  6. john permalink

    screw the “least among us” seems to be the cons theme nation wide. dismantlanting local governments based on a “crisis”, solely determined by a current or future governor, is anti democratic and anti american. lets get serious and give him the boot.

    • bigoranged permalink

      Oh please. You guys lost an election. Do what we did. Get peeved as heck. And try and win the next election. Get a lil crazy too. It’s fun. This recall/impeach stuff is just sore loser politics.

      • Kellen permalink

        That’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re just moving the election forward a few years.

      • metronomic permalink

        On top of being a plain idiot, you are misinformed. Terribly so.

      • Oakland permalink

        You lost in 2008, and you did nothing but OBSTRUCT. You love small government for you, But when it comes to women, kids and black people, you never met a black man, uterus or a 12 year old you couldn’t wait to imprison in your for-profit jails.

        In 2012, you people are going back under the rock from which you crawled. If we could put all of you tea baggers in one state and let you secede, we’d even pay your mileage to get you hell out of Dodge.

  7. pdillon permalink

    I just found out that rick Snyder is attempting to. Give himself the power to privatize city government under financial hardship kind of like the way we privatize prisons. He would appoint basically a new CEO of the city cancelling all previous contracts and Delta and taking power away from deleted officials and handing it to corporate cronies. This is such a bold in your face assault on democracy that I cannot believe he has the balls to attempt such a bold move. I have never protested before but if this goes any further I may have to take it to the street. These corporations have taken away our democracy and we take it withe a coke and a smile.

  8. wolf1739 permalink

    If he “hasn’t done anything wrong”, then he shouldn’t have any trouble winning the recall election. Right?

  9. Michael Yarch permalink

    We need to stop this GOP godless cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. uhhh Rick Synder is loser! he’s going to screw us all over! what is your problem bigoranged??? i hate politics, all our government does is lies to us! but thats not the point. Synder is trying to privitize everything! he’s going to get rid of local officials! thats a bunch of bull crap! im still in school, do you guys know he’s planning on cutting programs in school? huh? like band, and choir. and all the other electives that kids participate in everyday! and thats why half the kids go to school, and they get to have fun in elective classes! if they do that, they are going to screw my generation and all the younger generations to come! i don’t want any of this to happen! they’re already privatizing schools! They’re getting rid of the maintance people, the custodials, and even the people who serve the kids lunch! just to save a little money! come on! and the whole tax increase for the poor and the people in retirement! whats bs! those people worked all their lives to be able to retire and live their lives! now the Govermnent is going and and increasing their taxes and cutting taxes for big buisnesses! thats bs, all those people didn’t work hard to line their pockets! thats a bunch of bull! and im glad to hear that there’s already talks of a recall election. because if i didn’t hear anything about it, i was going to start one myself! so you know what, for those of you who support Snyder i pity you! honestly, i feel bad for you. because when he screws michigan over, i hope you all know that you put him in office and that is what your going to get!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I am guessing that there is nobody out there who would follow someone like you who sounds like such an idiot in a recall.

  11. Kellen permalink

    I fully support recall petitions as soon as six months has passed for every governor. Let them know they’re not dictators.

  12. Kyle McBee permalink

    @ bigoranged: whether you or i vote for one party or the other, it hardly does any of us a bit of good to say “your” or “my” side. I’ll assume you’re a michigan resident for the sake of argument- meaning we’re on the same side. we all want michigan to recover, and recover strong. we may dramatically disagree on the how of it, but the goal is the same.
    when it comes to budget cuts, tax write offs for corporations, placing a higher tax burden on the middle class, and getting rid of film credits, yeah it ticks me off, but i expected that much from him. in that sense you’d be right, that’s not really enough to already be starting a recall initiative.
    what has been very shocking to me, and gives me cause to try to get Mr. Snyder out of office is the emergency manager bill. Its very undemocratic, it reaches much too far, and it centralizes power into the executive branch. if this were to happen on a federal level, people on both sides of the isle would be screaming bloody murder. i wouldn’t accept this from any politician of any stripe. it could potentially remove my say in how my town is governed and place it into the hands of an unelected plutocrat. this just doesn’t seem like a right/left issue. its an issue of popular sovereignty. i don’t think Snyder is a villain, trying to evilly take my rights away in some conspiracy, but if this is the sort of government he is going to embrace, its not the America, or the Michigan I was born in, and I will use all civil tools at my disposal to protect my rights.

  13. metronomic permalink

    Hasnt done anything wrong? Have you been living in a cave?

  14. Mark permalink

    I’m afraid that in practical terms, recalling Snyder will be a diversion of effort we can’t afford.

    There were 3.23 million votes in the Governor’s race in 2010. Michigan law requires 25% of that amount in petition signatures, collected within a 90-day window, to launch a recall election. That’s 807 thousand signatures. The population of Michigan is about 10 million. I live in Kalamazoo County, population about 250 thousand. That means, proportionally, Kalamazoo County would need to provide about 20,000 signatures, and the same all across Michigan.

    The resources it would take to gather 20,000 signatures in Kalamazoo County is just daunting. We might be able to muster 200 volunteers to work on this, but each would need to get 100 signatures, and more realistically each might get about ten.

    Realistically, we would need twice that many, because Kal. is an urban, Democratic (more or less purple) county, and we would need to balance the population of rural counties where there would be no one at all to lead this effort.

    I’m afraid it is not happening, much as I would like to think otherwise.

  15. Richard permalink

    Well here is a question with this bill seeing Michigan is having trouble paying it’s bills does that mean one of his managers will take over the capital and give him the boot for 10 years….

    • Oakland permalink

      love it….I’d like to send him back to his elitist Ann Arbor gated community or jail.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    I have been retired for eight years. I spend all of my pension in MI every year. If Rick Snyder decides to tax my pension I am selling my house and moving to a state (preferably warmer) that has no state income tax and give them ALL my money. I’m not alone on this.

    • I certainly will be joining you in warmer climate. I know for a fact we are not alone!!!!!!!!

    • My house is up for sale, already had one offer but they could not get financing. I am moving to Ecuador by next April. Best place to live for health on the planet. Thank you Tricky Rick for motivating me to get off my lazy duff.

    • The only disappointment is my doctor is awesome. Took me a lifetime to find her and now I am leaving. I am also buying a condo around Jacksonville, Florida that I will rent out while living in South America.

  17. bart permalink

    He is the george bush of michigan. He is taking care of the people that don’t want to pay taxes. This country is full of rich people with big heads that only care about there wallet. The rich say they love reagon. Lets go back to what the tax rate was then. Then watch the fat cats screem again. Most fat cats sit on there keisters while they are counting their money instead of creating jobs because they don;t need to do anything because of all their tax cuts. If you tell the fat cats there taxes are going back to the Reagon era like they should be maybe they would decide thay had better get back to work so they can pay taxes.

  18. Jeff Israel permalink


  19. Anonymous permalink

    Loose all your stuff yet???? keep voteing republican and you will.

  20. Repukes Suck permalink

    Republicans are the scum of the earth and rank up there with hitler.

  21. What Rick Snyder is doing for all intents and purposes is “Financial Martial Law” with his unquestioned power pending. It’s understandable that things need to change and some parties will win and others lose but overthrowing elected officials crosses the line for me.

  22. 1 good luck finding another state that doesnt tax pensions
    2 read the constitution. Your governor can remove any elected official already if he has just cause
    3 mrs granholm did such an amazing job the last 8 years. This can’t be worse
    4 present your plan

  23. Chad permalink

    We’ll give him the same chance people gave Obama. Where are all the jobs, Rick?

  24. nick permalink

    Imagine how well the US economy would be doing if the GOP didn’t ruin it when they were in charge for 6-8 years and then spent the next 2-6 years obstructing the demorats from fixing those mistakes. That can only mean it wasn’t a mistake. The GOP wanted to bankrupt the government so they could end social programs that help the rest of us. I just can’t understand the middle class Americans that still side with the GOP. Is abortion that important that you would sacrafice your social security? America wasn’t broke until the GOP broke it. Fix NAFTA. Tariff companies that are overseas. Close loopholes. Corporations and the rich need to pay their fair share. This libertarian winner take all America tea bagger trickle down politics doesn’t work. And the media is no longer liberal. It serves the GOP.

    • bigoranged permalink

      You’re preaching to the choir on the overall suckyness of the GOP. That’s why this is Michigan Conservatives, not Michigan GOP.

  25. Oakland permalink

    Herr Snyder and his tea baggers are destroying our public schools – good, bad and award winning. Herr Snyder and his tea baggers are destroying1000s of high wage public jobs and their resulting tax revenues so he can create 100s of low wage, entrepreneurial doggie groomers in his economic garden. Herr Snyder and his tea baggers are cutting business taxes on the backs of seniors, kids, and poor people. Herr Snyder is paying his appointees 250K, 100 more than the Gov. position is salaried. Herr Snyder’s tea baggers are paying themselves enough to be the second highest paid in the nation. CA is #1 and NY is third. Where’s their shared sacrifice?

    He hasn’t done much? If you mean to help this state, you’re right.

    Snyder and his tea baggers need to go…. Join a recall, start a petition to amend the constitution to make Michigan’s legislators part-time and sans medical benefits. Start a petition to outlaw EFMs in Michigan…..

    Gods sake Michigan do something besides bend over.

  26. This Mess is more than about just Unions, It’s the Whole Shooting Match:
    ALEC manipulation in Past, Present and Future Legislation and Smoking Guns in
    Michigan Legislation

    “GOP Governors Shift Burden To Poor, Middle Class To Pay For Tax Breaks For
    Rich, Corporations” by Josh Dorner on February 22, 2011:

    Republican governors are using [recent election victories in 2010] as an
    opportunity to advance several longtime GOP projects: union busting, draconian
    cuts to social programs, and massive corporate tax breaks. These misplaced
    priorities mean that the poor and middle class will shoulder the burden of
    fiscal austerity, even as the rich and corporations are asked to contribute even

    >When Republican governors speak of “shared sacrifice,” it seems that the only
    >thing they mean is sacrifices by the poor and middle class in order to fund
    >massive tax breaks for the rich and corporations.

    The Basics of Our Narrative
    What Happened to ‘I’m just a Bill on Capital Hill’?
    The average citizen of Michigan has a very inadequate concept of how laws are
    made and for whom and by who state laws are introduced. From time to time
    certain major public concerns arise when there is a wave of public concern and a
    giant push to enact a law to deal with that immediate problem e.g. a Megan’s

    Most every session of the Michigan Legislature dozens of bills are introduced
    which suggest a change in the state’s governance, codes, or laws. Some bills,
    of course, address an immediate need for reform or prompt action as a remedy for
    a “hot button” problem or crisis. Many more bills are introduced to deal with
    housekeeping affairs. Each session a limited number of bills are designed by
    one faction, or partisan group to attack and alter the fortunes of the
    opposition. Finally, many bills are introduced to effect changes in the rules
    and regulations, taxation and allocation of tax monies as would bear on the
    operations of government, private individuals, law enforcement, public
    institutions, and business etc.

    Years back a fledgling group of far right businessmen and ideologues began to
    comprehend the value of having direct and effective access to this process of
    state-by-state development, introduction, and passage of agendas into law. They
    formed A.L.E.C. – The American Legislative Exchange Council.

  27. Charles permalink

    Done nothing???? are you numb or just purposely acting stupid??? HE HAS TAKEN STEPS TO CLOSE A HIGH SCHOOL FOR PREGNANT GIRLS. Is that enough information for you? open your eyes. He is in total control of a town and has donw so much already to destroy it.

    • bigoranged permalink

      This article was published way before that bill was passed.

  28. dsmith permalink

    ” Recalls are for after something bad was done.” Are you kidding yourself? I’m sure you supported Bush going into Iraq before Saddam did anything. Hypocrite.

  29. When will you people learn that credit means debt?!!

  30. he’s a f—ing idiot

  31. terri permalink

    Benton Harbor now has no elected government in any meaningful sense. why? because some rich, powerful people want to build YET ANOTHER golf course in Michigan. all of Detroit’s public school teacher’s were basically fired, their contracts weren’t renewed. many of the public schools in and around Detroit will not be opening next fall, including the Catherine Ferguson Academy, the school from which NINETY TWO PERCENT of the young mothers who attend graduate and go on to college. why? because they’d rather go to a system of vouchers…they want to privatize the schools, and this is the first step.
    Kalamazoo may lose our CPP, community policing program, which has been instrumental in keeping our crime rate down.
    there was a suggestion recently that firefighters and paramedics be given guns, and police officers be given equipment to fight fires and treat injuries, and all of them collectively would be known as “peace officers”…this is cost-cutting and efficiency, courtesy of Rick Snyder. he actually thought that made SENSE.
    one bright bulb thought that our foster children didn’t have it quite tough enough, so we should make it impossible for them to ever own anything but used clothing as long as they were wards of the state. beautiful. just beautiful. it wasn’t Snyder, but the guy was from the same party…and i just don’t get that. until very recently, i NEVER would have equated Republican with just…mean. but trying to pass a law that says foster kids can’t buy anything but secondhand clothes?
    and all of this is supposed to have something to do with a budget shortfall…but this budget shortfall did not even exist until Snyder created it. and, then there’s that bridge he wants to build to Canada…(isn’t there always a bridge?) there’s money for what Snyder wants to do. for the rest, he’s starving the beast. he’s hurting real people, and he needs to go.

  32. Anonymous permalink

    the jerk that signs on as anonymous says that the democrats screwed the state up .He is a typical republican that cannot remember the screw job that engler did to this state and that this state is still suffering from.Funny thing is look where engler is now [TEXAS] same place that the last republican president that screwed the whole country up is at. Sure says a lot for Texas !!! republicans seem to think that a democrat is suppose to straighten things up the minute they take the oath of office,their good but not that good. But thanks for the vote of confidence!!! Pull your head out of the sand.

    • It was actually that fat pig Engler coupled with that stupid moron Bush and company that screwed this state.

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