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Right To Teach Should Be First Step In Anti-bullying Legislation In Public Education

September 25, 2011

We keep hearing the constant chirping about implementing a statewide anti-bullying policy in our public education system.  I know where we can start.

Let’s start by passing some Right To Teach legislation in our public schools.  Little Johnny stealing lunch money isn’t the most serious form of bullying going on in our public schools.  Big teacher unions forcing all teachers to pay union dues in order to teach is the most serious form of bullying going on.  This union bullying has far reaching consequences.  Consequences so obvious I don’t need to writer further.

One Comment
  1. Anonymous permalink

    Your an ass!! The Union is the result of the teachers joining together to achieve equality and respect in their jobs! THEY are the union!!!! If you are anti-union then you want to return to the days of slave labor and no respect for our teachers!!! The teachers can not make a student learn!!!! and some students just dont want to!!!

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