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Questionable Preference Given To Northville Township In Sale Of Scott Correctional Facility Bill

September 27, 2011

Scott Correctional Facility sits unused and empty in Northville Township. It’s estimated that $100,000 a year is spent to maintain this facility.  Senator Patrick Colbeck (7th district) introduced a bill to allow sale of this land. Revenue from the sale will go in to the general fund. One part of his bill seems questionable.

Northville Township will have the first opportunity to purchase the land from the state.This seems shady to me.Why should Northville Township be given a favor?What if the state can make more revenue by selling it to someone else?

Maybe there is something I’m missing.  Please leave comments if I need correction on this matter. Below is the full article from Senator Patrick Colbeck.

Bill Promotes Local Economic Development, Job Creation

(Lansing, MI) — Northville Township is now one step closer to seeing the re-development of the empty Scott Correctional Facility after legislation sponsored by State Senator Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton) to allow for the conveyance of the state owned property passed the Senate today 25 to 12.

“This is a prime location in Northville with a tremendous amount of potential for expansion,” Colbeck said. “This legislation promotes economic development and job creation in Northville Township and surrounding communities by allowing for private development of the property. The sale of this facility will allow for better use of the land and put the property back on the public tax roll.”

The property is located in Northville Township at the corner of Beck Road and Five Mile Road. It includes approximately 47.6 acres and seven buildings (435,200 sq. ft.). The original facility was constructed in the 1980’s. The facility was closed in May of 2009. Michigan State Industries continued their operation in a portion of the facility until August 2010.

Northville and Plymouth Township want to include the property in the new Wayne County Advanced Technology Park. This joint economic project will develop one of the most comprehensive technology developments in Southeast Michigan.

The Department of Corrections reports that approximately $100,000 is expended each year on maintenance/security costs for the Scott Correctional Facility and the adjacent vacant facility in Plymouth Township.

“This legislation is one example of how government can remove obstacles to economic development so that the private sector can create jobs in Michigan. The sale of this property will remove the state from responsibility for maintenance and upkeep, removing that burden from the taxpayers and opening the land up for private development,” Colbeck said.

Under the legislation, Northville Township will have the first opportunity to purchase the property from the state. If the township declines the offer, the property will be sold on the open market. Net revenue from the sale of the property received by the State would be deposited in the State General Fund.

Colbeck’s bill will now move over to the House where it will likely be assigned to the House Appropriations Committee.

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  1. If the purpose is to improve State budget in off loading / selling it, and to open it for development, why not let developers bid for it in an open market and let them get the ball rolling?

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