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Don’t Raid Grandmas Poker Game Says Proposed Michigan Bill By Pete Lund

September 30, 2011

Could grandpa and grandma get hauled away to the slammer for playing cards in their nursing home?  Probably not.

Their nursing home could be raided by the Michigan Lottery Commission.  To prevent such raids, state representative Pete Lund is proposing HB 5009.

Here’s the story behind the bill.

House Bill 5009 allows members of a senior center to engage in limited gambling without legal action as long as the card playing is for amusement and recreation of a senior group. 

“There are times when government benefits seniors and there are times when government needs to get out of the way – this is one of the times government should step aside,” said Lund, R-Shelby Township.  “Seniors should be allowed to enjoy their retirement years without the heavy hand of government interrupting harmless fun.”

Lund’s bill comes after the Romeo Senior Center was interrupted by Lottery Commission officials who asked seniors to pay for a state gambling license to continue their $5 per player card games. 

Sounds like some more common sense legislation.  I think after living for decades on this great planet Earth and after surviving eight years of Granholm and four years of Obama, grandma should be allowed to engage in poker without having the  Michigan Lottery Commission raid her.

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