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Occupy Wallstreeters Should Look At Their Macs And iPads For Motivation

October 25, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street Protests are going on their second month now. We literally have thousands of people sitting and camping across our nation in parks and public squares. They’re upset with the so called 1%.

Many of them blog or do other types of social media from their protests while using a Mac or iPad. I have one suggestion for them.

They need to look at their Mac and/or iPad for some inspiration. Those products were created by a man named Steve Jobs. A man who started from the ground up. Jobs faced adversity.

He, was fired from his own company, innovated technology when everyone else laughed, overcame cancer and changed life for so many on this planet.

This all came from the imagination of one man. Image the potential of 1000’s of bored minds put together?

I’m pretty sure if the protesters put their heads together they could create more than one cool camping trip. They could probably create jobs, new innovations and products.


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One Comment
  1. travis permalink

    didnt really overcome cancer…but other that it’s good lol

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