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Michigan Conservatives Network is something hatched by me!  It basically started in December of 2009. MCN is a pen name for me to write on conservative issues.

I’m using the name Michigan Conservatives Network as more of pseudonym to express these conservative values and so others can discuss those ideas and become informed from and through content I find or create.

Here’s how it got started.

I was sitting at my computer wishing I could discuss and bounce ideas off of other Conservatives in Michigan.  So I decided to start a facebook page and name it Michigan Conservatives.  On this page I could let other Michigan Conservatives add me. I would post different status messages about important issues and folks could reply.

Slowly but surely people added me and I added them af friends.  As of October 6th, 2011 our fan page has 3100+ followers.

As the page grew, I decided to make this free WordPress blog as kind of a main center or hub for my little facebook network of Michigan Conservatives.  Three days ago I even made a Twitter page.  Man this thing is really moving up in the world!

Michigan Conservatives Network is not an organization. Again, it’s basically a pen name for me to write on conservative issues as others rally around the content online. People do indeed network though through the content online and on the Facebook page.

As you can see, little money has been invested in to this thing.  Facebook Twitter and WordPress are all free online tools used for our network.

You’re more than welcome to join in on our friendly online network of Michigan Conservatives. Join up here on Facebook.

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