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  1. To Pray has you covered Michigan Conservatives. Our Values Here is our outline for our values. If you feel anything important is missing, please contact us at .
    Michigan Conservatives stands for these values.
    1.Low taxes
    2.Limited but efficient government
    3.Life should be protected inside an…d outside the womb.
    4.Marriage is between one man and one woman.
    5.The nation is founded on a belief in God. People are free to believe anything they want, but they can’t neglect the importance of a belief in God in founding and maintaining this nation.
    6.The right to arms.
    7.Strongly supporting the military.
    8.Strong laws protecting our borders, which allows for legal immigration but punishes for illegal immigration.
    9 Belief in full freedom of press, speech and religion.
    10. Belief that all are created equal.
    *NOTE: Every politician must sign on to these values to gain “OUR” Prayers and “OUR” Vote!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Republican Karl Sipfle, looks forward to ousting Liberal Lisa Brown from the Michigan House of Representatives. Karl is running in the 39th District. Please visit his site and support his campaign!

  3. We look forward to your support for Karl Sipfle’s Campaign to win back the Michigan House of Representatives seat currently occupied by Liberal Lisa Brown!

  4. Karl Sipfle, is running for the Michigan House of Representatives in the 39th District. Please visit the campaign web site & support the effort to put a conservative Republican in the Michigan House of Representatives!

  5. Wondering permalink

    I could not find you on facebook. Do you still have a page?

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